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Celia's CD and Tape Order Form.

At this time, we cannot process your CD or tape purchase electronically.  This form is provided so that you can print it and mail it to me with a check or money order.  I'll send the CD(s) or Tape(s) right away.   Thank you for your purchase and I look forward to seeing you at a concert soon!


Name     Address
City        State         Zip   
E-Mail    Phone

Positive Thrill                  CD for only $21.00       - or -     Tape for only $13.00
      1998 release.                       Number of CD's                       Number of Tapes

Nothing Better To Do      CD for only $12.00      - or -       Tape for only $13.00
      1994 release                       Number of CD's                       Number of Tapes 

Driving on Empty                 Tape for only $12.00      Number of Tapes
      1990 release

Total Amount Enclosed                     

Thank you!
Print and Mail this form to:
High Energy Productions
PO Box 143
Poway, CA.  92074-0143